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Friday, January 9, 2009

Eldon's QRSS Rig

Eldon, WA0UWH, says the podcast inspired him to build some QRSS transmitters for 30 meters. His first effort was atop a 9 volt battery. The latest version has a more traditional enclosure. Eldon hopes to be seen on some of the grabbers -- please help him out if you can. In my case the hard part was getting the transmitter into the frequency band for QRSS (only 100 Hz wide!).


  1. Hi Bill,

    Its really cool to see more QRSS stuff making the light of day. I've been following this for a while.

    My approach right now is to build up a receiver for the other side of the QRSS.

    I've built a DC receiver based on the Pixie 2 and an working towards a grabber for 80 meters to start with and work up from there to SDR, see; A Pixie2 as a QRSS grabber - part 1

  2. I set up a webpage about the transistor if anyone is interested.


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