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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jean Shepherd Gets His Class A License

I was drifting off into Linux-land, but an e-mail from OM Gene, K8EE, brought me back. I'd thought that we had already unearthed all of the best ham radio episodes of the Jean Shepherd shows. WRONG! K8EE sent me YouTube recordings of the January 7, 1964 show on WOR New York. Gents, all I can say is that you should stop what you are doing, and listen to this. (And don't miss the exciting conclusion in part 2!)

"Mr. Rupp, what do you know about the Mu of an '807?" Indeed.


  1. Hurry, I need part 2 to see if he passed or failed.


  2. That's my very first receiver! Back in 1969, I got one of those HQ120's to go with a modified ARC-5. First Novice QSO's with that combination. Yes, I was listening to Shep most evenings, since I lived on Long Island. I was WN2KXP at the time.


  3. Randy: Sorry to keep you in suspense. Part II is on the blog now. But of course Shep passed. He had The Knack!

    W1KF: I was tuned in to WOR ("That powerful, powerful station with the 50 Kilowatt smile!") from Rockland County, New York.


  4. Jean Shepherd is a delight to listen to.
    Saludos desde México


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