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Monday, May 11, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #107


On SolderSmoke 107:

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Get it here: SolderSmoke: A Global Adventure in Radio Electronics

Orbits II reborn via a VK6 junkbox
NA5N's Amazing Atlanticon 2002 article
WSPR madness:
20 mw across the Atlantic.
K1JT picks up my sigs
WSPR generates interest on Hack-A-Day
Linux: Ubuntu gets SolderSmoke Thumbs-up
Somerset Supper Report
Diode Ring Mixers
Solar conditions
AA1TJ, Chloroform, and HB transistors
ET's rig
Have fun at FDIM!


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  2. Another thumbs-up here for Ubuntu. And thanks, Bill, for using the correct pronunciation; it shows respect for the origin of the name. In contrast, the fellows who do the Linux in the Hamshack podcast have arbitrarily decided that the correct pronunciation is too effete for the American ear. So they pronounce it with a short "u", like "bunt" (as in baseball). :) Ugly.

    [This is a corrected copy of an earlier post.]

  3. House still quiet. Let's try another edition of Soldersmoke:

    Orbits II Talk about homebrew, what would be involved in understanding the source code (BASIC ?) of such a basic satellite tracking program?
    Alternately: I had thought about trying to master the OSCARlocator 'cardboard computer' that used to be used. But the parameters that device uses seems to have fallen out of favor for the Keps used by the other programs. After doing the FM birds a few years ago, I'm interested in 'what's under the hood.'

  4. Any photos of the supper club entries ?

  5. Regarding your active antenna for SWL work. It occurred to me that homebrewing SWL gear might be a good way to learn and practice building without transmitting and risking putting a junky signal on the air. Just a thought.

  6. "Model Rockets" Bill, you saw this, right ? 38' model rocket.


  7. Hey Bill, did you ever post a link to the "How to solder" video?

    Jim Vanderveen
    Sacramento, California


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