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Sunday, May 24, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #108

In SolderSmoke 108:

May 24, 2009
Hubble Space Telescope Repair Mission
WSPR: W3PM sees my sigs, back to visual (briefly), on to Slow Hell.
Ubuntu ham radio software
Time nuts
Jean Shepherd gets his Class A license
"SolderSmoke -- The Book" Good for summer vacation reading.

CHECK OUT THE BOOK: (First chapter preview available)

73 from Rome


  1. The house is quiet this morning, so let's listen to some Soldersoke.

    Hubble Space Telescope: That is certainly a fascinating instrument. I've noticed some books utilizing HST images in the shops these days, but I haven't collected any of them yet. At Oklahoma State I attended a lecture given one afternoon by a control systems engineer on the telescope. As you can expect the telescope heats and cools as it goes around the earth being exposed then shielded from the sun. This action can / could set up oscillations in the machine. I guess worst case that could obscure the viewing. I wish I had the details here.

  2. WSPRGuys, regarding these WSPR rigs. What would a small / portable setup look like ? Would a WSPR box be feasible -- one that acted a lot like an APRS tracker on HF ? That would be something handy.

    Has anyone ventured out of the shack with WSPR ?


  3. Time Nuts

    ExcerptBELLEVUE, Washington -- Tom Van Baak's spare upstairs bedroom looks like a cross between the control center of a remote polar outpost and the inner sanctum of a Victorian mad scientist. In reality, it's a home-built lab dedicated to the study of time.

    One wall is stacked with a small museum's worth of old nautical clocks, thin slabs of quartz, vacuum tubes of unknown purpose and a few metronomes. Another wall is dominated by shelves overflowing with metal boxes sporting dials, knobs, flashing LEDs and constantly shifting digital displays. A sealed metal cylinder resting on a paint-splattered stepladder bears the not-quite-reassuring sticker, "Cesium Device. Not Radioactive."


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