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Friday, May 15, 2009

Scary Stuck Bolt on Hubble Space Telescope

They had a scary moment during yesterday's space walk. They were trying to get the old camera out. One of the bolts wouldn't turn. It has been in space for 16 years They kept adding more torque, and they knew they were approaching the point at which the bolt would break, preventing -- forever -- the replacement of the camera. In what looked like their last attempt, the got it turning. Bravo! The live coverage via NASA's online TV is really superb. They are using helmet-cams, and you get to see just what they see.

NASA put together a video on the personal stories of the crew members. I think it is a good thing to show kids (Billy has already seen it, Maria is next):


  1. Where's a can of WD40 and a torch when you need it to loosen up those bolts!? :-)

  2. Or the drill bit and the hack saw! :)

    Looks like the fastening was... just before breaking :)


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