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Monday, June 15, 2009

Five. Two. Seven. Six. Three. Six. Nine. Eight......

Nick, KB1SNG, reports that he was brought into ham radio via an interest in the infamous "Numbers Stations." He sent along a link to a very interesting site on this subject:


  1. Terrific link there Bill. When I started getting active again a few years ago, I was tuning around on 30m and found this:


    It was kind of shocking to me to hear a numbers station. I mean seriously, we are in the 21st century, with nearly ubiquitous communication technologies like the Internet and cell phones. Do spies really need to do this? Seriously?

  2. Thanks, Bill, excellent. Down in Simon Mason's page is a link to this BBC radio piece which explains all:

    73 de KC7IT

  3. Hey Bill, here's one that transmits in DSB!

    73 de KC7IT

  4. Say.....I've heard those numbers stations just above 27 MHz!

    "Threes and Eights and all them good numbers to ya' there good buddy......"

    Seriously, the numbers stations are fascinating and thanks to Mike for posting the link to the BBC clip.

    73 from somewhere near a clandestine location.......Steve Smith WB6TNL


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