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Sunday, June 7, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #109

June 7, 2009

Violin gig in Rotterdam
June 2 Parade in Rome
Why do we use Rl=Vcc^2/2Po for Class C amps?
NA5N article, EMRFD, SSDRA, LTSpice
Radio Signals from Jupiter and Io (on 17 meters)
VK2ZAY's X-Rays
Jeff Damm, WA7MLH: Homebrew Hero
Tim Walford's Constructor's Club:
Floor Polish as PCB Laquer
Numbers Stations (very timely!)
SolderSmoke -- The Book: Very rapid delivery, even to UK


  1. Bill,

    Good podcast and I have just started reading your book. Great job! Did you change your mic again? Your S's have returned to being annoyingly raspy.

    73 Joe AF1E

  2. Bill, there's a specific device called a "de-esser" that I first heard about when Frank Zappa talked about his studio techniques. It's not a notch filter that stays in place statically, but is impulse-activated. Your particular way of speaking is coveted among bluegrass musicians. Ralph Stanley, the famous banjo player and singer has a whistling "s" that gives him cred in the bluegrass music community. Unfortunately that cred doesn't transfer into podcasting. No windscreen can solve this issue--it is simply the way you speak and it's fine with us. You do produce a very high SPL at that frequency, however. I advise listeners to listen through WinAmp, using "Soft FM" compression. It's a free plugin that does the trick.
    I'll listen to you on the treadmill this evening and see what happens. Best 73,
    Jonathan KC7FYS


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