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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Look of a True Radio Homebrewer

Jeff Damm, WA7MLH, is one of our gurus, a high priest of The Knack. I visit his excellent site from time to time, just on the off chance that he will have posted something new. This morning I was rewarded with this picture from 1988 -- I think it somehow captures the spirit of the true radio homebrewer. Check out all the homebrew gear. Note the copy of SSDRA on the operating table. Jeff assisted with the construction of many of the projects in that book. He helped free us from the tyranny of excessive neatness and right angles, and let us know that ugly circuit construction works just as well.
Here's Jeff's FB site: http://www.neoanderthal.com/wa7mlh1.html

1 comment:

  1. This guy is an amazing homebrewer! Love this photo, Bill. It does "capture the spirit."

    Re SSDRA: Just now I saw one listed on eBay for $99! No bids yet, but the price is an indication of what some people think it's worth.

    Jerry AA6KI


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