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Monday, June 22, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #110


June 21, 2009
Day trips in Lazio and Tuscany
My SSSSSolder SSSSSSMoke SSSS problem
Crystal Radios pick up heavenly Gregorian chants...
... regen picks up screeches from somewhere else
Speech processing for DSB?
I0ZY's linear amplifiers
Book Review: "The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments" by George Johnson
MAILBAG (including an update from Dover)

1 comment:

  1. Re: Speech Processing for DSB

    ARRL Members get to search the QST archive for free, and most older articles are available for download. Doing a couple of keyword searches yielded the following likely source for your mention of speech processing for QRP:

    Jan 2006 QST
    VocalMaster--A Speech Processor for Low Power Operators by Allen Baker, KG4JJH.

    It isn't available for download (too new) but digging around for KG4JJH revealed that he has a webpage where you can download the article.


    Hope that helps, Bill!

    73 Mark K6HX


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