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Sunday, January 17, 2010

No smoke but Mars, Andromeda, and QRP

No podcast today because we are out in the Sabine hills.But here is a
report on activities here; RC plane was a flop. Advice from WA6ARA and
others helped, but wings are now really messed up. Big success in
astronomy: clear skies and no moon on Saturday. We had a really
beautiful "Mars rise" and were able to see the polar ice cap. Then we
spotted Andromeda galaxy naked eye, and then viewed it in the scope.
Awesome. I'm on the HW8 now. There is a contest but I've managed a few
real QSOs. Back to Rome tonight.


  1. good to hear about your success with astronomy. 73 de KD5NJR

  2. Hi Bill

    Sorry to hear the plane was a flop. I found it nearly impossible to get over the reversed controls at first when the plane is coming toward me. What I did is get a copy of MS flight simulator and put it in Tower View. This puts you on the ground while the plane is aloft and is a good simulation of RC flight. I crashed a bunch of times but finally got the hang of it. Another good trick while on the field is to point the antenna of your transmitter the same way the plane nose is pointed and turn your body that way as well. It has the effect of having you fly the plane over your shoulder but it lets you get in control without reversed ailerons/rudder. After a while you'll find yourself "in the cockpit" without such tricks.

    good luck

    jim ab3cv

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