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Saturday, January 2, 2010

SolderSmoke Podcast #120


January 2, 2010
Olive harvest in Sabina, Christmas and New Years in Rome.
"What, no Klingon?"
How's my whistling SSSS problem?
DX on 20, HW8 QSO with KZ1H
Auroral flutter on US stations
W4OP: Homebrew Hero
Softrock progress
Linux woes
72 Part Challenge: "Stuck between best wishes and hugs and kisses!"
Chinese Hamsat in orbit, with CW telemetry
AA1TJ in CQ, and using diodes as audio amplifiers.
Stradavari and Julia Child: inspirational late starters!
Billy's RC plane
QRSS: telemetry next?
WSPR: 150K reports per day
New issue of Hot Iron


  1. I am glad your children study music. It is a wonderful profession and as a composer AND ham, I can tell you that the TWO do mix! Instrument building is a cool and fascinating area, too. Okay, back to tweaking my new OCF antena...

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