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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sabine Shack

How's that for a shack! Elisa rescued me from the frigid front porch and got the owner to agree to let me use this little building. You can see the VW solar panel in the window.

Here's the view:

Here's a little silent video we shot of the Sabine Shack:

The HW-8 runs of a 7AH Gell Cell that is charged by my Volkswagen panel. Antenna is a doublet fed by TV twin lead. The Blackberry provides internet access, and I can send in blog articles from it by e-mail.


  1. Oh man, you are so lucky! I bet the bands are really quiet there. I have wanted for years to get what my Ukrainian wife Olga would call a "dacha" like she had in Ukraine, but at British land prices it's just unaffordable here.

  2. What a lovely location. A fortunate find and perfect spot for the shack.

  3. Fantastic location indeed, nice set up.


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