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Monday, February 15, 2010

An AMAZING Workshop

You guys have to take a look at this slide show:

About the owner:

I'm a geo-physicist by degree, a design development engineer by trade and a mountaineer by choice...
I live in very, very rural Oklahoma and worked for a Norwegian company. And a Chicago company... and a Salt Lake company... And now... well, I just do work for whowever I feel like dealing with.
and I climb mountains, mainly in the western hemisphere. Occasionally, I go to Patagonia in South America to climb.
I like my ATV rides out in the country to photograph things... all over western Oklahoma roads. Dirt roads only., thanks...
I do "projects"; around our place, building things and creating mechanical devices. So a lot of my photos revolve around my workshops (I have 4) and the things I build... + our cats.
Whatever..... I'm having fun.



  1. Contrast the above with some "real life" work benches. Scroll down until you see my landfill. ;)
    Sometimes it's easier to buy another set of side cutters than to remember where I placed the last ones I bought to replace the earlier pair,etc.

    Gil NN4CW http://www.crystalradio.net/bench/index.shtml

  2. Didn't mean to imply that mntneer_man's bench is not "real life"--just not in my life. ;)
    73 "Pigpen" NN4CW

  3. Wow, this is really NEAT! Only thing missing from a ham point of view: some TX/RX gear.
    Johan on5ex


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