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Friday, February 12, 2010

QR2S: A New Kit for 30 Meter QRSS

QR2S by Genesis, design: Bat Masterson YU1OL
QR2S is 30m band QRSS transceiver. It consist of high dynamic single conversion
receiver with switchable HD RF preamplifier and crystal bandpass filter of 450 Hz,
demodulator with I/Q output. Transmitter comes with oven controlled xtal oscillator (OCXO), tunable center frequency and microcontoller- adjustable power output in range of 1.2 mW - 1.5 W. Operating mode: CW (variable dot), DFCW and 'graphic' mode.QRQ CW ID. PC controlled via uC (osc temp adjustment, power out, cent freq, modulation) After initial setting with provided application, QR2S is stand-alone RX/TX unit. QR2S is through-hole/ SMT hybrid kit. Component count 350+
Price estimate/target: US$ 149 plus $18 air mail delivery worldwide.
Kit status: PCBs and majority of components are in stock, beta test OK.
Estimated release date: end of March 2010.
Pre-orders welcome! If you wish to reserve your QR2S (no payment required yet!)
please email info@GenesisRadio. com.au By registrating your interest in this project you will help us estimate number of kits for the first production run.
Physically, QR2S PCB is just a touch smaller than G3020.
This time we went for blue color soldermask.
You will also notice significant improvement in component layout/silk- screen print!
And for the first time our board has bottom silk screen as well :-)
Bat Masterson is seasoned PCB designer and I am extremely pleased to have him on Genesis team!
Of course, once more units are build and tested in coming weeks, our web page will be updated with photos, screenshots and assembly manual.
I believe Genesis QR2S is the first QRSS-dedicated transceiver and I hope it will provide great platform for everyone interested in homebrewing, experimenting, QRSS mode or just kit building.
As always, thank you for your patronage.

73, Nick VK1AA
4th Floor, Suite 403
Culwulla Chambers
67 Castlereagh St.
Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: 02 9232 0500
Fax: 02 9233 2273

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