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Friday, February 5, 2010

SolderSmoke Podcast 121

5 February 2010
Into the Apennine snow! 
Technical troubles 
Roadkill computers
Luddite Curmudgeonism
Mars and Andromeda from Sabina
Telescopes and Olive Oil
Math and Electronics
Crashing R/C planes
5X5JD and the Uganda Tuna Tin
AA1TJ's diode amplifiers
Rotating parts boxes
MOVIE REVIEW: Avatar (2.5 Soldering Irons)


  1. I still suggest you annotate your bibliography and quotes for the SolderSmoke book. THis will give it that "academic edge" that will make it publishable...again.

  2. No Luddite Curmudgeons Allowed Here!

    Hey Bill:
    I just finished a Softrock V8.3 receiver. You inspired me to get off my ..., but now you are sounding like a non-starter. My advice is to simplify the task. It is not necessary to use a toaster oven, frying pan or heat gun. You can do it perfectly well with fine solder, a good soldering iron and a magnifying glass. Solder paste might well make life easier, although I didn't have any. The latest winter 2010 issue of QRP Quarterly has a suggestion from W2SH, Charles, to use blue masking tape cut into narrow strips to help hold down the parts. I could have used that suggestion - or a third hand - when I built mine. Anyway - just do it. It isn't that hard.
    Paul AA6B


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