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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The DaVinci Altoids LED 30 Meter Multi-vibrator MEPT Transmitter

Hey, check out the Altoids heat sink for the PA in my little 30 meter MEPT rig. Is this a new use for our beloved Altoids tins? I like the smoke-stack look.

This rig has evolved quite a bit. It started out as a frequency standard for QRSS and was mounted inside a paperback copy of Dan Brown's book. Then I matched the oscillator up with the multi-vibrator pattern generator from one of Hans Summers' rigs. This week I decided that I really needed a buffer and a PA -- I needed a bit more stability. I'll try to post a schematic tomorrow. In the meantime, watch for my little signal on the ON5EX grabber (off to the right). The pattern is small (3 Hz) bumps, about 4-5 per minute.


  1. Looks like a smoke stack!
    Make it smoke with some oil, dry ice ;-)

  2. Billy suggested putting some incense in there, but I said that it just wouldn't be right. Unless, of course, it smells like solder and rosin....

  3. This should do ;-)


  4. There is an incense that smells like soldersmoke - it's called Copal. It's a type of resin that is halfway to being amber.


  5. ....Have you been in the Netherlands lately? Look's like one of those smoking ,illegal (or legal) stuff, devices! :)



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