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Monday, May 24, 2010

DaVinci Milliwatt Beacon Crosses the Pond

We were out in the country this weekend and I brought along the little DaVinci 10 milliwatt QRSS beacon. I was hoping that it would do better with the big dipole that I have out there (vs. the sub-optimal end-fed wire I use here in Rome). Success! Bill, W4HBK, saw the above image on his screen in Pensacola, Florida on Saturday evening. My signal is the little bumpy line just below the Morse signal. Joachim, PA1GSJ, also saw it, and passed along this image:


  1. Incredible that we are able to cross this distance with so little power.
    Makes me wander what QRM my wool sweater makes across the globe when I take it off...

  2. I am sure I heard the QRM from your sweater on 80M yesterday. I mistook it at first for a distant storm.

    Nigel M0NDE


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