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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Down For Maintenance

Not the radio gear, not the blog, not the podcast. ME! All that running around in the fields of the Sabine Hills finally caught up with me. Last Sunday, while chasing a kite, I tripped and my foot moved in way that nature never intended it to. I popped (quite audibly!) my Achilles tendon. No big deal, but it did require some minor surgery and now I have a big cast on my foot that may cause me to spend additional time in the shack.

I hope to get the next podcast out as soon as I can. Maybe tomorrow. I will try to spare you all the gory details. Back to the radios! I've had a very interesting e-mail exchanges with Hans Summers G0UPL about LEDs as varactor diodes and their use in QRSS FSK systems. I'll talk about this in the next podcast.


  1. Archhh bummer and that with the start of the summer!

    Good news is that you are shack bound ;-)

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery, with lots of quality radio time until it comes! 73, Brian G8OSN

  3. Bill, take it easy! :) 73, Niels PA1DSP

  4. With every dark cloud comes an opportunity to find a silver lining. Here's hoping your find an extra shiny one in this cloud, Bill. 73 from northwest Arkansas

  5. Get well soon!
    73 Robert PA7RG (regular listener)

  6. take very good care of the foot, Bill.
    72 Wayne Va7at (listener from the beginning)

  7. Take good care of your foot.
    I wish you a good recovery. 73, Bert

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and lots of radio fun in the meantime...

    73 de Alan W2AEW

  9. As James Brown would say: Get on the good foot! Thanks for the discussion of the WSPR XCVR on the new podcast and toroids. Also very amusing, as usual. Enjoy that workbench time! Fire up that coffee pot and put on some music...


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