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Monday, May 3, 2010

Soldersmoke Podcast #124

That's Billy on the right
May 3, 2010
Oprah follow-up: On to Martha Stewart and Dr. Phil?
Fencing on a Roman piazza
Breaking an important cable
My WSPR Direct Conversion receiver
Roger Hayward's wonderful ugly AF amp circuit
The beauty of SBL mixers
My DaVinci Code Oscillator goes on the air!
Making my own 555 timer chip (sort of)
LEDs as varactors (or are they colorful switches?)
Black Holes in workshops -- is the LHC to blame?
Altoids: now made in TENNESSEE!
G3RJV's wonderful video


  1. "Altoids: now made in TENNESSEE!"

    I can't wait for the whiskey flavored ones!

  2. Varactor or Switch?

    I've read that when an LED is used as a diode they sometimes get painted as light shining in from outside the diode can affect the capacitance.

    Maybe a way to test if it is acting as a varactor or a switch might be to shine a really bright light at it and turn the light on and off.


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