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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forrest Mims on amateur science

Here's another dose of inspiration from one of our "Homebrew Heroes." Forrest Mims has been one of my heroes for a long time. A colleague yesterday gave me a copy of a recent article in Make about his ozone measuring device (build at home with Radio Shack parts!). With this device he was able to outshine NASA in the data accuracy department. Check out the article:

Here's another interesting article by Forrest on amateurs in science: Forrest Mim's article in Science


  1. Looks like the Indiana Jones of the knack!


  2. Where do you find all these interesting tidbits? Kudos!

  3. Just learned about your SolderSmoke post. My goal is to inspire fellow electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists like you to consider applying your skills to doing some science or helping others do science. You don't need special training if you're willing to do some self learning. (My degree is in government--no formal training in electronics or science.) Check out my web site for more: www.forrestmims.org.

  4. Thanks for the F. Mims post, Bill. I have been a big fan of Forrest and own all his electronics books as well as his electronics experimenters kits. It was a sad day when Scientific American did away with Forrest's Amateur Scientist column. I think Forrest was the editor of a very cool but short lived magazine called Science Probe.



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