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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"She built her own oscilloscope at age 14." Homebrew Hero: Tatjana Van Vark

AJ8T sent me the link to the web site of this, our latest Homebrew Hero. I don't think she is a ham, but Tatjana definitely has The Knack. Check out that workmanship. The range of the projects is also quite astounding. It is so impressive that I really found myself questioning whether this could be for real. But it is.

When you look at the Enigma-like coding machine, note the cryptological challenge at the bottom. Tatjana won't release the tech details of this project until someone cracks the encrypted Haiku! Go for it!


1 comment:

  1. She's amazing! Her Harmonium puts me in mind of Lord Kelvin's smaller tide predictor.


    The Bendix "Brain" also comes to mind. I owned one when I collected math instruments. Three ball n' disc integrators and a gad-zillion little gears. Everything ran in tiny ball bearings. The only electrical signal came from the flux-gate compass. Beautiful. Betcha Tatjana could reproduce one.


    Thanks so much, Bill!


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