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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MAKE'S "Do More With Less" Contest

This from the MAKE blog this morning:

To promote the release of the Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is partnering with various websites, including MAKE, to give away a Windows Phone 7 to each site's readership. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment on the theme of "Do more with less" ...

Wow! This contest seems to be MADE for the G-QRP gang! (What is it? "It is vain to use more..." Something like that!) I think G3RJV could win this one!

This is all related to a quote from Buckminster Fuller, hence the image of the very cool stamp.

Details on the contest:


  1. Do more with less... use free software!

    Think I can get a free phone with that one?

  2. We should do more with less, but if less is more, it really equates to doing more with more.

    Niels PA1DSP.

  3. Johnathan Remba and crew in León GTO, are launching this balloon:


  4. Buckminster Fuller captured the concept of “doing more with less” in his use of the word “ephemeralization”. Fuller was fond of documenting cases in the history of technology where the reduction in the use of material was accomplished while providing better functions. An example he gave was that Magellan’s crew took 2 years to sail around the world in a ship in 1520. In 350 years the same journey could be made in two months in a steamship. An additional 75 years and the trip took 2 weeks in a plane. Add on 35 more years and the trip was made in 1 hour in a space capsule. Not only are the materials being used getting lighter and stronger, but the rate of innovation is accelerating. We can see examples of ephemeralization all around us. It’s interesting to project into the future and consider where ephemeralization will take us.

    - Robert


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