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Friday, November 19, 2010

N8ZRY's Homebrew SSB Rig

A while back we had post about amateur RADAR. The wizard behind that project was Greg, N8ZRY. (I liked his quote: "Old radars do not die... they simply phase array.") Greg's latest project is the 20 meter SSB rig pictured above. It was recently featured on the Make blog.
Check it out here. Be sure to look at the YouTube video. Nice job Greg!


  1. Wow! Or as we say in México "¡Guau!" Impressive and artful. Geez...and here I sit staring at my humble "ugly style" VXO transceptor and QRP amp, thinking I am hot stuff. Long way to go with this building stuff...

  2. This is absolutely outstanding! I love the internal construction, modular, nice shielded boxes and big construction. I think too many times we fall into the trap of "it's gotta be small" and "build with minimum parts"


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