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Friday, March 18, 2011

Another Mighty Mite Success Story!


I started listening to Solder Smoke this winter, and I'm now up to episode 81. Since I'm new to homebrewing, I wanted to say that I enjoy the discussion of good projects to start on for homebrewing equipment, particularly the discussion of the Michigan Mighty Mite, which I understand was your first HB TX project. After hearing you mention the transmitter on the show, I looked it up on the Internet and found the schematic. A few hours later and I was on the air. My first contact with it was with KB1TSG, Jim in Randolph VT, receiving a signal report of 449. From my QTH in Monroe, ME that's a distance of 186.5 mi ( 300 km) as the crow flies.
I've learned a lot listening to Solder Smoke over the past two months and listen to it while in the car, at work, and while walking my dog on the back roads of Maine. Thanks for such a great educational and entertaining show.



Neil Caudill


  1. Congrats Neil! Go MMM!!

    Other than the famous "QRP-L", I wonder if there is a group, blog or something for QRPp'ers just to set skeds to listen for one another? The thrill of getting an unplanned QSO is great and all, but having someone listen for you can be very helpful!

  2. Bert, I recommend http://qrpspots.com/

    It's used quite extensively by QRPers and also hooks into Twitter, if that matters to you.

    Jason NT7S

  3. I hope you guys are using add-on output filtering on those MMMs. There is no way they will meet the FCC rules for spectral purity as-is. I've used a three Pi section filter on mine and that cleans it up quite adequately.

    Have fun and 73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL


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