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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drect Conversion Receivers in New South Wales

Dear Bill,

You might vaguely remember I sent you some audio for Soldersmoke a year or two back that was recorded at the New South Wales home brew group here in Australia.

The home brew group is wonderful: it's not a club. you can't join. no-one is in charge. Every so often we have a "challenge" (which is not a competition - no-one wins).

Anyhow, recently the "challenge" was to home brew a direct conversion receiver that could be used to listen to the sunday morning broadcast here on 80m 3959KHz.

On Sunday we got together to present what we'd come up with. Alan, VK2ZAY, does great work but couldn't come so he sent in a video of his creation.

I videoed the proceedings, badly edited it, and stuck it up here:


This challenge was good because it was achievable by dunces like me and because the objective was the same for everyone - listening to a certain broadcast. I hope the video might encourage new home brewers.

Keep up the great work, I watch your blog and always enjoy a new podcast.

best 73's

Peter, VK2TPM


  1. Thanks Bill!


    Peter, vk2tpm

  2. Correction, the frequency should be 3595KHz.


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