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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shuttle and Space Station (and Sunspot)

Check it out! The ISS and the Shuttle Discovery captured by an amateur astro-photographer as they passed in front of the sun, with major sunspots nearby! Catalin Fus of Krakow, Poland, had his solar-filtered telescope trained on sunspot 1166 on March 7 and recorded this amazing conjunction. Thanks Catlin and thanks to spaceweather.com.

I had the whole family out in the front yard after dinner last night. ISS and the Shuttle made spectacular pass over the Washington DC area. We saw both rise up from the Northwest and then blink out after passing overhead. The shuttle (I think) was about one minute behind ISS.


  1. I am sitting in my tin-can far from the world...

  2. David Bowie!
    Rogier: Thanks for all the help with the computer! 73 Bill

  3. Bill take a look at these pictures: http://legault.perso.sfr.fr/STS-133.html
    Viewing an EVA from the ground.



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