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Thursday, March 31, 2011

SolderSmoke Podcast #132


April 1, 2011
Fickle Finger of Fate: Lamp falls on QRSS Crystal
Another heroic computer repair
Sleuthing for RFI with Crystal Radios and Peter Frampton
The seductive allure of the British Regen
Watching the Space Station and the Space Shuttle
Packets from SPAAAACE
Don Vorgaard and the birth of SSB (and DSB!)
Electric Radio Magazine
SPRAT and the ZL2BMI DSB Rig
Jerri Elsworth's 555 contest (Did I win?)
73 Magazine
QSO with Mike Bryce WB8VGE
Knack Job Opportunities at Make and Hack-a-Day
Chemical Tailoring of Crystal Mic Audio Response
Pi Day!
Sling Shots, Fishing Poles, and Antenna Launchings


  1. Very nice episode! I was laughing my butt off on the mailbag! You certainly have a great sense of humor. Thanks for all the UVa mentions and the comments about the MMM. And I'm working hard on the "microwatt output filter" to the MMM!

    Also, I thought your newer mic sounded better.

    And as for the mix of salt and sugar, why not both? I'd like to see the bass and treble emphasized.

    73 from the "nuclear reactor bunker", hahaha! Great episode.

  2. Did you expect any less from the lamp v. QRSS TX incident? It was the result of a corollary of Murphy's Law: When something falls it always lands where it will do the most damage!

    BTW, a corollary can also describe a pronouncement by C02KK :-)

    What?!! You've never built a regen using valvos? No -wonder- you believed they are diabolical. It's those transistors that make regens diabolical!! Nothing like that Smooth Tube Sound. The 2B is a good example of that, HA!

    Yeah, use an LPF or I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.

    73......."Snorty" Smith WB6TNL

  3. A 60/40 sugar salt mix should provide the ideal audio quality, however, I myself would probably go for 100% rock salt, a freshly-cut lime, and a shot of artesanal Tequila...but this is Guadalajara.
    Amusing and informative episode SS132.


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