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Friday, April 1, 2011

More on Chemically Tailored Crystal Mic Elements

My mention in SolderSmoke # 132 of this technique to custom tailor the AF response of crystal mic elements has already generated a lot of interest. Here's the e-mail from Italy that alerted me to the work of Dr. Andrea Bugiardo:


Check it out!


  1. I have been listening to solder smoke as soon as I found it on I tunes. I know I have been an appliance operator my ham life thus far but I looked at the video for the making of pizo electric crystals on the blog and with the ep 132 I was wondering If i can get a copy of he article from Italy to see the different mixes for different frequency responses sent to nccooling@live.com. Nick de N3toz

  2. One would be a fool not to try it! First off, everything is available right there in the kitchen! However I think I'll wait until next April.

    73 from lollipop land.......Steve Smith WB6TNL "Snort Rosin"

  3. I like steve will delay my experiments until after April.
    Mike VK3XL


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