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Sunday, April 24, 2011

SolderSMOKE APRS symbol

I've been setting up my satellite APRS station. This weekend I finally got the UI-view software running. I had to pick an icon -- this would be the symbol that would show up on the mapping software. In the Azores I had a nice little island with a palm tree. Here in Virginia, well, as I scrolled through the options, suddenly I saw something that seemed appropriate. The coordinates are a bit off, but that, my friends, is a smoke stack emitting 60/40 fumes.


  1. You know - I wouldn't say that's a smokestack - I'd say it's a freshly tinned soldering iron tip...

  2. Agree with W2AEW. Upon seeing the image, I immediately thought "soldering iron tip emits vapourised rosin". Might want to to paint it green to keep the neighbours at bay...

    desde GDL 25C ..


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