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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Novice License: Two Years on PROBATION!

Somehow I remembered it as being one year, non-renewable, but Neil, WA4CHQ, wrote to tell me that he remembered a two year term. I think Neil is right. The excellent web page of the Novice Historical Society provides the details and many really nice stories from our days as novices. http://www.novicehistory.org/


  1. I was licensed as WN8WOR in 1974 at age 12. A few months into my ham career, I got a notice from the FCC saying "Your station callsign has been superseded." I was scared until I looked up "superseded" :-)

    Tom WB8WOR

  2. I guess it was a couple of years. Time flies.

  3. In 1963 it was one year non-renewable. My year was almost up when I had to find a way to get to Philadelphia to take the General exam. I can clearly remember talking my father into taking a day off work to drive the 100 miles. It was a matter of either passing the exam or being off the air for a long time.


    Gene W3PM

  4. Both is right. When I started looking at the Novice in the late '60s it was one year, non renewable. And, as I recall, you could only get it one in a life time. Then in the '69 - 70 time frame it went to a 2 year non renewable. I got mine in 1970 and it was a two year at that time. Some time later they said while it was nonrenewable you could retake the test once your Novice expired. Then in the late '70s it went to 5 year renewable and then finally 10 renewable.


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