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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SolderSmoke Podcast #133


April 19, 2011

-- KindleSmoke
-- Amazon's Whispernet (not to be confused with WSPRnet)
-- April 1 and the Perils of Plausibility
-- The difference (significant!) between Cream of Tartar and Tartar Sauce
-- A short Italian lesson
-- Polyakov QRSS
-- Snort Rosin's Mighty Mite (NOTE: NO FILTER!)
-- Fly Fishing in Space: 2 Meter Packet Beacons and the International Space Station
-- Upside-down Amplifier
-- Rock and Roll and Ham Radio: The Bob Heil Story
-- The Shuttle Discovery Lands in Northern Virginia

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  1. Bill,

    Got my Novice (WN1FCP) in 1965 and it was for one year. The term was later extended but I don't remember any details of when since as you can recall we were "under pressure" to get our code speed and technical skills up for the big General test wich I made the trip to the FCC office in New York to take a few months after getting the Novice ticket.

    73 and thanks for SolderSmoke (and the book).

    Joe AF1E

  2. Aw shucks, Bill, go easy on Enterprise!

    If it wasn't for ol' Enterprise, there wouldn't have been a start to the Shuttle Program.


    I guess there are some folks in New York who reckon Enterprise isn't a 'real shuttle', but I can't wait to go check it out at the Intrepid museum.


  3. I am shocked that the Air Force Museum in Dayton does not get one of the shuttles. I mean c'mon! KSC and Udvar-Hazy I can understand, but doesn't that mean that one should go elsewhere besides the East Coast?

    Tom WB8WOR


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