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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EME, Bob Heil, and The Grateful Dead

I really loved the TWiT interview with Bob Heil that I posted yesterday. Today we bring you a truly "must see" video on the History of Heil Sound. Really great stuff. Now I know that it was FATE that caused it to be a Peter Frampton song (using a Heil Talk Box) that helped me solve my RFI problem.

Bob Heil seems a really great guy. I liked the bio that he has on his web site.

Name: Bob Heil
Bob Heil
Position: CEO/Founder
Started in: 1940
Bio: Bob's life mission is to have fun and bring LOTS of people along for the trip. Bob barely got through grade school and then started making more money than his teachers by playing the (Hammond) organ. Then Bob became a pimp for his high school gym teacher (Sarah can fill you in on the details). Bob had 50+ years of "just OK" life until God sent him a red headed bundle of joy along with her bundle of joy and together they have more fun than a couple of squirrels in a nut forest.


  1. Grazie 1000a for posting this. Of great interest to us musicians.

  2. Bob truly is a blessing to Ham Radio and the Music industry. As a teen I loved to hear his take on technology as a guest on Jim White's (silent key KM0X/W0NJB)late night show on KMOX (St. Louis, MO). I credit both Bob and Jim for spurring my interest in Ham Radio when I was 14.

    Thanks Bill for posting this.


    Savage, MD


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