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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snort Rosin's Mighty Mite: The Super Duper X Spy Transmitter

Hi Bill,

Attached is a picture of the remains of my transmitter, "The Super Duper X Spy Transmitter". My little rig didn't sit around; it made QSOs the day it was finished, 41 years ago. Since then it has bounced around in various junk boxes and had some parts robbed for other projects but thankfully it's still mostly intact.

I constructed it based upon the original article in Ed Noll's book, "Solid State QRP Projects", pg. 51, Project 17, "10 160 All-Band Two Watter". That transmitter was later to become known as the Michigan Mighty Mite.

My MMM (or SDXST if you will), features a built-in relative power detector, a microswitch key (upper right-hand corner), room for an internal 9 Volt battery and a jack for external power. The jacks are each different; a BNC for the antenna, a 3.5 mm closed-circuit jack for the key, a 2.5 mm for the relative output meter and a phono jack for the external power. My notes say that I added a .1 uF Emitter bypass and that it increased the power output by 50%. I also used a toroid for the output tank instead of the 1-3/4" coil form called for in the article. Use of the "Sucrets" box was not my idea; I got it from one of the ham mag's. of the day, probably 73.

Your coverage of those little rigs has motivated me to restore mine and make some QSOs for old times sake. With, of course, the proper output filter :-). I'll send a picture of the 'guts' when it's finished.

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
Thanks Steve. Great stuff. But... WHERE'S THE OUTPUT FILTER?


  1. Gawd! I remember this rig, does that really date me!

  2. Very cool Steve. Your little rig would make a great "rat rig". Within the hot rodding community there is a movement to build cars and motorcycles that look, well, ratty. Restore your rig but leave the rust etc. It would be cool to see some of the old boatanchors treated the same way: keep them ugly,guys!!!!
    73 Herb/WR9H

  3. Hi Bill. Where's the output filter, indeed! That was something one could get away with in 1970. Looking back, I feel so dirty and ashamed. After the restoration I will connect an outboard, 7-element W4NQN filter, as presented by our dear Rev. Dobbs G3RJV

    That baby should take care of any spurious emission (and probably most of the power too, HA!).

    73 from the Strawberry Capital of the World. Steve Smith WB6TNL "Snort Rosin"


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