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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alan's "Scopes 4 Dopes" (present company excluded, of course)

Hi Bill,

As a follow on to the Scope 4 Dopes class that I told you about (email below - and thanks for the shout-out in #133), I have put a few more videos on YouTube. One is on the use of the Delayed Timebase feature available on the more professional analog scopes - probably not of much interest to you. But, the other two are on taking a little bit of a tour of the RF signal path of the TenTec 1254 Dual Conversion Shortwave Receiver kit that I built over the Christmas vacation. I thought these might be of interest:

(I promise - these are not as long as the 2hr Scopes4Dopes tutorial video!!)

The tour through the 1254 with a look at some of the signals along the RF path (~12min):
and a short one looking at the modulated and demodulated 2nd IF on a live shortwave signal (~2min):


Alan W2AEW

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  1. Thanks Bill. If your readers are looking for the Scopes 4 Dopes class video, it can be found on this link...


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