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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Struggling Brother

OM Jason, NT7S, has been experiencing the kinds of workbench trials and tribulations faced by anyone who tries to create something new. But I think the radio gods are looking favorably on his efforts -- a recent QSO with W7ZOI is a very good omen:


Hang in there Jason! I'm sure the QRP community is looking forward to the availability of the rigs you are developing.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for noticing the travails of this poor sap who thinks he can bring a new QRP rig to the market. It's not exactly a KX3, but I think the radio will have a few features that will give it a competitive edge in a few areas, such as low current consumption, lots of microcontroller-based features, and open hardware/firmware. The DDS is also a nice feature that will make for good frequency stability out in the field and excellent frequency agility. And it should come in for a bit lower cost than a KX3!

    Things don't always proceed in the way that we expect, but the troubles have helped me to refine my circuits and smooth out the rough edges quite a bit. Lets just hope that I've sacrificed enough chickens this time to appease the RF gods!

    Jason NT7S

    P.S. Always looking forward to the next SolderSmoke, keep up the FB work.


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