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Monday, May 2, 2011

More T/Rouble

I get the RTS signal when using a Windows PC, but when I try to switch over to a Linux computer, I don't get the T/R signal from pin 7. Is there some code or setting in Linux that I need to change to make this happen?


  1. Hi,
    Try this: stty crtscts < /dev/ttyS0
    Assuming your running it on ttyS0 (COM1 under dos and wind...).

  2. Depending on which distro you are using it might be necessary for your user to be in a certain group to get the rights to write to a serial port. In Gentoo it's the uucp group. I'd check the /etc/group file to see if there is a group called uucp or something which sounds like uucp or serial. If so then make sure your user is in it.

    That being said I'm glad you chose RTS over DTR. I discovered when building a soundcard interface for fldigi and soundmodem that soundmodem uses DTR for something else. It sends DTR high any time it is decoding a packet. The result is that when I had my relay hooked to both RTS and DTR I was automatically transmitting any time anybody else in my area did!

    I don't think you would use soundmodem with your wspr radio but it is nice to standardize. Maybe you will want to build something else for use with soundmodem later...


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