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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excellent AT&T Video on SWR

Ken, KG6PO, sent us this gem:


I really like the way Dr. Shive brings together mechanical and electrical phenomena. You get the sense that he had "The Knack" -- note the twinkle in his eye when he explains a particularly intriguing point.

Warning: I think the AT&T archive of which this is part will become another enormous (but worthwhile) time sink for many of us. Thanks Ken. Thanks Dr. Shive.


  1. Stunning...These should be manditory viewing for all undergrad engineers!

    After 7 years of designing GSM mobile phone electronics (cell phones for those across the water) now I find a simple explaination of SWR. Good thing I was doing the baseband (processor) side of things, not the RF :-)


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