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Monday, May 27, 2013

Stacked Shields -- My Arduino DDS LCD Sandwich

You can barely see the Arduino board down at the bottom.  Above it is a homebrew shield that has the DDS board.  On that shield I also put a female header for a small 16X2 LCD board.   This arrangement avoids the rats nest of wire that often accompanies these digi projects.  This thing had me pulling my hair out yesterday.  I couldn't get the display to work.  After a lot of checking and re-soldering and testing, I concluded the LCD board was bad.  Good thing there is a Microcenter right down the road.  I got a new display and my composure returned.

Mark, K6HX, over at Brainwagon has been encouraging me to continue down the digital path.  Other SolderSmoke friends are wary of this digitization -- one wrote asking "Where is the real Bill Meara and what have you done with him?"

I like the Arduino projects.  This little device certainly demonstrates how you can do things with the digi stuff that would be extremely difficult to do with our beloved analog, discrete component circuitry.  On the other hand, as I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out WHY the display wouldn't display, I came across an e-mail describing Peter Parker's latest minimalist discrete component rig. Why, I asked myself, had I left the happy land of understandable circuits?   Why had I allowed myself to be sucked in by the siren song of Arduino? 

I guess it is good to try something new, to learn something, to get out of your comfort zone.  But excuse me now -- I'm going to fire up my 17 meter analog discrete component rig.  The one with VXOs in both the receiver and the transmitter.  But I'm going to leave the Arduino DDS on -- I like looking at the display.
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  1. Nicely done! Welcome to the Arduinoistas. (How fractured is that in Italian??)

  2. Last year I set up my arduino to blink the current temperature on my house Christmas lights in morse code. Great fun. Here's the code. https://github.com/dfreder1/XMasLightsAndTemperature


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