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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bert's Blog and BITX

Our friend Bert is once again melting solder.  And he has launched a blog.  (SolderSmoke listeners will remember Bert as the advisor to the University of Virginia radio club.   That was the club that had its HQ in some sort of nuclear reactor building.  They put up a huge wire antenna, but then took it down when they realized bike riders could possibly, uh, run into it.)    Bert has some interesting stuff on his blog, including an article on conductive paint and one on the use of mail boxes as antenna tuner enclosures.  And he reports that he has dusted off a BITX 20 kit.  Welcome back Bert! 

Check out his blog:

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1 comment:

  1. I am humbled by your posting of my blog here Bill! My skills are not yet close that that of you and so many others in your blog and podcast, but I hope improve one melted solder blob (and output filter) at a time. Feedback from your listeners on my blog is welcome. 73! Bert WF7I/4, wilds of western Virginia.


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