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Monday, January 20, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #158: BITX 20/40, Farhan's "Minima", BITX Bandsweep

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January 20, 2014
MLK Day. Tough winter.  Shack heated by Heathkit.
BITX 20/40 Almost done:
Bandswitching arrangement.
VFO construction using spreadsheets.
2N2222s wired in backwards! (CBE not EBC! Who knew?)
Other amusing building errors.
Crystal filter evaluation -- the G3UUR method.
Sweeping a filter with an Arduino DDS.
Building a BITX in LTSpice.
New Rigol 'scope (now 100 MHz).
Tek 465 REBORN!
QRP HATERS -- They are out there!
BITX 20/40 dual band bandsweep

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  1. Thanks for the mention in the podcast, and the shout-out for the YouTube channel!

  2. W2AEW,
    I appreciate your YouTube videos quite a lot and have recently found this podcast which is also another jewel. Both of you are really doing a great job and it definitely keeps me interested and I am learning a lot.
    Mahalo and 73,
    Edward, WH7TT
    Wahiawa, Hi


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