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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Digi 'scope, Analog 'scope

Carl (M0ICR ex 2E0TEC) saved the day with my Tek 465 -- he sent the replacement HV multiplier that put the 'scope back in action.  (Ace Tek repairman Tad WA1FQO made the repair.  Tad sells Tek scopes on E-bay -- check out his products: Search for fqo63 on ebay.)

Carl notes a number of similarities between our workbenches and recent projects.  All he needs now is a Drake 2-B!

Alan Wolke said he'd be interested in my reactions to having both a digi scope and an analog scope on the bench.  I can already see areas where one might be a bit better than the other.  The Tek is better at watching a fast moving audio or SSB waveform.  But the Rigol doea all kinds of math tricks.  Check out the FFT function shown on Carl's page:  http://iqrp.net/

I am very pleased that you finally got it working with the help of brothers from the fraternity.  Having listened to your latest Podcast I think that must be your alter ego!  I have A Tek 465, Rigol 100MHz DS1102E and have built 2 Bitx, one for 20m and the other for right bands- using a DDS VFO  (3 if you include the 80m version by Steve Drury G6ALU - look up MKARS80) ...I also have 2 copies of SSD!
My website is here:  www.iqrp.net  where you can see both scopes in my shack and images of my Bitx and my Hans Summers WSPR beacon!
I have just returned from my local radio club social meeting (the Radio Society of Harrow) and took great pleasure in listening to Soldersmoke 158 whilst driving there ... half on the way there and the other half on the way back.
Very best wishes from London (where it is cold, wet and miserable !)
72/73 de Carl M0ICR (ex 2E0TEC from Nov 13)
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