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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Latest Project: 17 Meter Moxon

17 Meter Moxon by AE6AC

That's what I have in mind.  I ordered four fiberglass "crappie" poles yesterday.  I have a tripod for the roof.   What should I use to spin this thing around?  A TV rotor is an obvious solution, but the last time I used one it didn't hold up too well.  There is always the Armstrong method...  

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  1. Bill why 17m my wspr 200mw beacon by Hans gets best dx on 30m. 73 Nigel M0NDE

  2. Nigel: Well, I'm an SSB guy these days and it would be quite anti-social on 30 meters! *1 is a wonderful band. Give it a try. Regards to Ian and Tony and the whole group. 73 Bill


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