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Monday, May 26, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #161: Homebrew SSB: An Interview with Pete Juliano, N6QW

SolderSmoke Podcast #161 is available:


26 May 2013

Homebrew Single Sideband -- An Interview with Pete Juliano, N6QW

-- Pete's background:  55 years in radio.  Boatanchors AND Arduinos. 40673 Mosfets.  Guitar!
-- A personal transition from CW to phone.
-- The importance of passing on "tribal knowledge."
-- What you need:  A library, tools, test gear and a junque box.
-- A new word in the homebrew lexicon:  Pete explains "noodling."
-- One stage at a time!
-- The attractiveness of standard circuit blocks (that work!)  
-- The importance of IF selection.
-- Building your own crystal filters is easier than ever.
-- Thinking (early) about the enclosure.
--VFOs, VXOs, and (gasp) Direct Digital Synthesis

Thanks Pete! 

Pete's Web Site:  http://www.jessystems.com/

Pete's YouTube Channel: 

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