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Thursday, May 1, 2014

VFO for BITX 20/40

Here's the VFO I use in my BITX 20/40.   IF is obviously 11 MHz.   VFO normally tunes 3697-3859 kHz for 40 meters.  Switching in that 220 pf cap lowers the range to 3292-3189 kHz for 20 meters.  It workd very well.   The coil is wound on a cardboard tube from a coat hanger.  I will put this in the appropriate file on the BITX group site.    I like the 20/40 band combination:  Good DX possibilities on 20, with provisions (40!) for the low sunspot counts to come.

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  1. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for posting these! I'm finally starting to understand these radios on the block level, so this kind of detail is immensely valuable to me.

    I'm trying to decide which radio to homebrew right now, and can't decide between a bitx40, Minima, or a K1SWL inspired 75m AM rig. Or maybe I should just build a QRSS transmitter.. choices.. choices..

    73 de Jeremy, K2CHA (ex N1JER)

  2. Ditto, thank you.
    I love the Minima, but I think I'm going to start with a BITX20. Super stuff.

    So many choices, too little time...


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