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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Parts Cost for BITX in India: $5 US (that's buying all the parts!)

I knew that in India you could build a BITX for a few bucks, but I thought that this cost estimate assumed a fairly well-stocked junk box.   Not true!  This morning an e-mail from Farhan points out that even if an Indian ham has to BUY all the parts, he can get all of them for the equivalent of 5 dollars U.S.:

"Less than half a cent per resistor, less than a cent per capacitor, two cents per npn transistor and 50 cents for the IRF510. We use 'tv baluns' and tap washers for coils."

And, from the original BITX design page:

 "The purpose is to address the need among Indian hams in particular for an SSB rig that is easily and cheaply built. My original aim was to keep the price under Rs. 1000. The current design brings the cost to well under Rs.300 (less than 7 dollars)."

Now, when you are talking to someone using a new $10,000 Yaesu/Icom/Kenwood rig, it might be a bit unkind to mention that your rig can be had for $5. 

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  1. There's definitely something to be said for designs that anyone can afford without either "unobtaineum" parts or test equipment needed. Many times one or both of these issues blocked my efforts years ago. These days it's so much easier with the internet, I have to say.


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