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Sunday, July 17, 2016


That's Keith N6ORS's MIN-X transceiver.  Keith explains that it has circuitry from the BITX, the Minima and even from the ZL2BMI DSB rig.  We featured the MIN-X before, when it was still outside the box:

I was on twenty today with my BITX, finishing up a rather disheartening contact with a fellow who told me that he is a "checkbook operator." I was trying to encourage this fellow to build something simple -- perhaps a Michigan Mighty Mite?  He told me that he might give it a try, but only 16 years from now, after he retires.  It was like a case of the Anti-Knack!  Then Keith N6ORS saved the day by calling in with his beautiful MIN-X HOMEBREW transceiver.  We had a nice talk -- Keith mentioned the beauty of Pete's "Blue Rig." That's HB2HB (phone) QSO #5 for me.  Thanks Keith! 

That was great fun!
I was just tuning around and heard you mentioned the Michigan Mighty Mite
so I stopped to listen and realized it was you!
Well here was my chance for a homebrew to homebrew with 'the man' himself.
I wanted to record it but missed the chance.
Here is the Min-x boxed up. the case is made from thrown away computer cases.
It runs about 70watts on 160,80 and 40 meters and about 35watts on 20 meters.
I promise to write it up, maybe even draw a schematic. hihi.
Keith N6ORS

Here' a short clip of the MINX in action:

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