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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pilgrim's Progress: A Peregrino Rig Concealed in a Book

On the G-QRP list guys have been talking about the Peregrino.  This is a nice little homebrew rig out of Spain.  Peregrino = Pilgrim and usually refers to people who are hiking along the Trail of Santiago that runs through the North of Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

I'm normally averse to chips, but this little rig uses two very understandable NE602s and an equally understandable LM386.  It has a homebrew crystal filter.  I like it.

GM4WZG came up with a really wonderful enclosure for his rig.  This reminded me of the time I put a QRSS transmitter inside a copy of "The DaVinci Code."

The Spanish guys have a nice site that describes the rig.  Google Translate should help, but even without it you can get most of the info you need from the schematic, chart, and foto gallery.  Check it out: http://ea3ghs.qrp.cat/peregrino.html


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