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Sunday, July 31, 2016

W9ZN's CW Warm-up: "Ben's Best Bent Feet"

I happened to come across this fellow's signal on 40 a week or so ago.  His warm up routine really had me scratching my head.   I've been on the air for a long time, much of it on CW, and I never heard anything like this.   Listen to the video (!) and you will see what I mean. Harmless fun I guess, and there does seem to be a connection to radio history. 


  1. Neat. Using the key to give an Interval Signal. FSK would make it even more interesting.

  2. Man, the rhythm! A bit like Joe's theme for Ham Nation.

  3. CW : Try sending 'Best beef essence' or 'best bent wire'. That's rhythym. Or voice practice : 'famous Fleetwood fisherman Fred Findus fries five fresh fish for Friday's family feast'. HI HI HI.

  4. Wow, I've been hearing Bill loudly almost every night down here in Colombia for a couple of years, I can even spot his signal/sending style in the middle of a QSO. It's also somewhat of a propagation indicator from the US. 73 de HK4DEI.

  5. Every now and again, I call him, but he doesn't hear my little 5W signals. One of these days, conditions will favor, and I'll snag a QSO. I've long wanted a contact with this owner of a most memorable signal on 40M in the evenings.

    Bill lives in Chicago, and there was a rather well-known DJ in the Chicago area in the 60's, called Bill "Butterball" Crane. I've gotten it fixed in my head that they are one and the same guy, as I think I read something somewhere which suggested that.

    "I need love, you need love, and we can buy a license at City Hall if you really dig Butterball."


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