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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Preserving Vanguard 1

Ira Flatow of "Science Friday" was recently talking about how best to preserve important bits of the history of mankind's exploration of space.  Our old friend Vanguard 1 was mentioned several times.  It is now the oldest satellite still in space.

You can listen to the Science Friday show here:


They also have a transcript of the show on the same page.

SolderSmoke fans will remember the Vanguard adventures of Mike Rainey AA1TJ:


This seems to be the month for Vanguard:  just a couple of weeks ago, on 40 meters I spoke to Dale Parfitt W4OP. Dale was one of the first people to pick up Mike Rainey's Vanguard replica signals (see link above).


The Vanguard reproduction project came up during Eric Guth 4Z1UG's "QSO Today" interview with Graham Firth G3MFJ of the G-QRP Club:


(Graham has such a great voice.  He definitely SHOULD build a phone rig!)


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  1. The backup for the Vanguard I satellite is on public display at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, Kansas. At only 6.4 inches in diameter, that is a really tiny satellite. Bruce KK0S


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