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Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Package from Hyderabad: Farhan's BITX 40 Module Arrives in Virginia

I am having a really EXCELLENT radio morning here at SolderSmoke East coast HQ.  I made some progress on the Armand HRO receiver -- just squaring away some of the too-long leads and improving the shielding a bit.  Then I was looking out the window as the mailman arrived.  What was that little box he was leaving us?  Wow! A box from Hyderabad!  The BITX 40 module arrived, wrapped in a very interesting piece of Hyderabad newspaper. Very FB. Thanks Farhan.  I will surely be writing and talking about this rig in the weeks to come.

UPDATE:  I just realized that the BITX module fits very nicely into a TenTec TPC-45 cabinet that Armand gave me a while back.  TRGHS.


  1. Bill, cant wait to hear you on 40m. BTW, I will be running a non-test on Oct 30 (my birthday) for 3 hours.
    If you contact me on a homebrew rig you will get a qsl card and a NOS Tunnel diode. Time is from 9 to 12 CST
    on 7.170 +-5kc.
    73, N6ORS Keith


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